Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paige and Mackenzie - See them grow (and Tommy)

Here are Paige and Mackenzie with their Auntie Reilly when they were 3 months old. (Tommy was their too, but you just couldn't quite see him yet)

Now here are Paige and Mackenzie today with Grandpa and they are 1 year old. Boy how they have grown. Time has flown by.

And the girls taking their first bath together. Paige loved the ABC's that stuck on the side of the bathtub, so Nana had to find her a set to take home to her bath. It was so fun to watch them both in the tub. The had such fun. Although Tink (Mackenzie) is so much more rambunctious than Paige. Paige just sits back and takes it all in.