Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Did you check out my new coat. I love it. I just have to run around in it till I get to go outside. I just love the hat too.

Tink couldn't get enough of her coat and hat this past week. She loved to put them on and wear them around. Usually it's a big pain to get her to even wear a jacket with a hood. I guess she knew that she was looking good when we put this little fleece number on. Did she think it was real or what?! She is so funny.

It is my first Christmas that I am able to open presents myself. I got this great rocking bike, trike from my Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma. Isn't it cool!! I can even rock it myself when I put my mind to it. I even through a fit when Grandpa took me off of it to open my other presents.

I must take after my Nana. I can't decide which phone to talk on!!
Maybe I'll talk on both.